Township Officials


Robert Litke

Supervisor and Board Chair
Bob and his wife Mary Jo bought property on Ponto Lake in 2001. They enjoyed weekends and summers before building a home in 2009. This past summer Bob retired. They are both involved in various community activities through church, the food coop and food shelf. Bob is a past president of the Ponto Lake Homeowners Association. Phone - 218- 682-2583
E-Mail - [email protected]

Mike Prososki

Supervisor (Fire and Emergency Services)
Mike has lived in the Pine River/Backus area for over twenty years and his brother and parents also live in Ponto Lake Township. He has a home on Lake Ada. He is the owner of a successful dock and boat storage business in the township and employs several township residents. He is also a board member of the Ada Lake Association.
Phone - 218-821-4528
E-Mail - [email protected]

Jon Lacho

Supervisor (Roads and Ditches)
Jon, and his wife Mary, have owned property in Ponto Lake Township since 1997 and have lived here since Jon retired in 2016. Jon is retired from Minnesota DOT, where he held several positions, mostly in supervising maintenance of roadways. Jon is a member of the Ponto Lake Knight Riders Snowmobile Club. Jon was elected to a 4 year term beginning January 2021 to the position of Supervisors #2.
Phone 612-875-1437
E-Mail - [email protected]

Jenna Prososki

Since her childhood Jenna has enjoyed the area at her family cabin in Backus. She moved to the area in 2009 after graduating from the University of Minnesota. Jenna, and her husband Brian, own property in the township and enjoy all of the outdoor activities the area has to offer. She is employed as the customer service manager Mann Lake Bee & Ag Supply in Hackensack.
Phone - 218-507-0755
E-Mail - [email protected]

Nan Ladehoff

Nan was introduced to lake life in 1961 when her parents purchased property on Island Lake. It took 38 years in the education field and only enjoying summers and weekends up here to finally call 56655 (Ponto Township) her true home. Since, retired she has immersed herself into the local community. After being appointed to fill Pat Invie's term in 2013, she has embraced publicly serving the area. Currently, she serves as secretary of the Island Lake Association.
Phone - 507-626-0325
E-Mail - [email protected]